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Join us in South Africa!

I’m coming to South Africa in mid-September for the Highway Africa conference, an annual conference on information technology and journalism at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. This year, the organizers are adding two days to the event, the first “Digital Citizen Indaba“, where we’ll be talking about blogging, vlogging, moblogging, citizen journalism and dozens of other read/write media topics.

(For those of you who don’t speak Zulu, or don’t regularly attend meetings in southern Africa, “indaba” is a gathering of people to discuss important matters – a convention or meeting, in other words…)

I’ve been helping the organizers put together the program, and we’ve invited some terrific from all around the continent – Ory Okolloh just confirmed that she’ll be there, and Andrew Heavens indicated he was likely to speak as well – my fingers are crossed that some of my other favorite bloggers can attend as well.

If you’re an African blogger or citizen journalist and interested in being part of the event, but can’t make it to Grahamstown on your own, please apply for one of the few scholarships available – we’d love to see you. The application deadline is next Tuesday, the 15th, so fill in that form today!

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  1. hey there. i have bean using my mobile phone to document events for close to two years now. my blogging has been rather slow, i am focused more on applications for mobFilms and Live MobTV.a lot of my work is based in the entertainment sector, so i am working on ways to integrate myspace accounts with moblogs and the sort. i have JUST found this site and would love to chat bout the state of blogging and such and such. my network is based in Durban, and you are welcom to use my connections if you are spending time in the city. this Grahamstown Conference sounds rite a rad event, something i could easily cover for one of the local (DUrban) based websites and papers i contribute to. i am planning to be in the Western Cape area for the burning man festival [www.africaburns.co.za], so a stop by G_Town may be very likely. hit me up wid sum details and such. peace man


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