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links for 2006-09-30

Journalists say it’s not all bad news in Africa : Mail & Guardian Online Is the press missing the good news from Africa? (tags: africa journalism media) Garowe Online – Somalia Brilliant analysis of the current political situation in Somalia … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-29

Global Voices Online � Blog Archive � Ethiopian bloggers rally to save controversial bill Andrew Heavens on HR 5680 – interesting example of the Ethiopian diaspora blogosphere trying to exert political influence (tags: ethiopia uspolitics blogs globalvoices) Meskel Square: Blogging … Continue reading

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It’s not just where you are, it’s what you know

Andrew Heavens gave an amazing seminar on photoblogging at the Digital Citizen Indaba a few weeks back. One idea that stuck with me from his talk: “The camera doesn’t matter, but being there does.” More important than having the right … Continue reading

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Zambian elections today

Zambian elections took place today, pitting incumbent president Levy Mwanawasa against three rivals, including Michael Sata, a strong candidate who led in some pre-election polls. Mwanawasa was running primarily on his economic record – Zambia has had good economic growth … Continue reading

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This week’s Somalia update

The last port in southern Somalia uncontrolled by the Union of Islamic Courts was Kismaayo, close to the Kenyan border. UIC forces took control of the city without violence on Monday and then faced protests from some residents – some … Continue reading

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Sick of reading me?

Sick of reading me? Always wondered what my voice sounds like over a crackly cellphone calling into a studio in Cambridge from western Massachusetts? Well, wonder no longer. Mark Sommer at “A World of Possibilities” has interviewed me and several … Continue reading

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Eric Osiakwan at Berkman

Eric Osiakwan is a busy man. Near as I can tell, he’s one of the few people I know who has more job titles that I do. And since he’s been to twenty-five African nations in the past five years, … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-26

Despite gains, North Koreans disillusioned | The cracks in the wall around North Korea are growing, and information is making it inside. But that doesn’t mean that Kim is likely to fall any time soon (tags: media telephony northkorea) … Continue reading

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Your humble author: less dangerous than African-American trade unionists

It’s too easy to pick apart the biased, inaccurate coverage of Zimbabwean state media. But there’s the occasional story so absurdly deceptive that it makes it worthwhile to shoot a few fish in barrels. Let’s begin with the opening paragraph … Continue reading

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Holiday in Harare, part 5: Make a Plan

The first time it happened, it was deeply disconcerting. I was sitting in a beautiful garden in suburban Harare in the shade of a flowering tree, chatting with a pair of passionate, committed activists. As we talked about how bad … Continue reading

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