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Radio silence and shameless self-promotion

Apologies for radio silence this week. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on the West Coast, in meetings and visiting with friends, and have spent today recovering from a three-leg redeye back home. (To answer your question, no, there isn’t any good way to get from San Francisco to Albany via air…) I’ll be writing tomorrow about some work I did with Roger Dingledine on Tuesday, talking to a group of journalists and dissidents about internet security – it’s given me a great deal to think about…

In the meantime, some shameless self-promotion:

The nice folks at “The Drop” – the excellent blog maintained by the Dropping Knowledge project – have interviewed me about international development, African blogging and a handful of other topics. They were good questions, and I hope I did a decent job of offering interesting answers – please check it out if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “Radio silence and shameless self-promotion”

  1. Another good interview Ethan and much appreciated by the Africa sector of the blogosphere. The Drop blog looks like a great resource for development news, but what’s the story on the Dropping Knowledge Project?

    You were doing pretty good until you began talking about the benefits of the PRC’s (China) agressive investment in sub-Saharan Africa. I know that I am swimming against the tide of overwhelming support from many in the African community, but I can’t get with China’s “Win-Win” program while Beijing & Co. continues to support regimes like Omar al-Bashir’s in Sudan (among others in Africa) and on top of that blocks every attempt to bring adequate humanitarian relief and security to the people of Darfur. Sorry, but I can’t get with China’s program in Africa at the moment. It’s not “China-bashing” as you say, it’s more like a reality-check on the underlying basis of the PRC’s foreign policy toward black Africa.

    BTW: I was crushed, crushed to learn that you are not reading my stuff everyday. All that work for nothing…:-)

  2. You certainly get read every second day, BRE. And I’m much more cautious on China in Africa than you seem to be seeing me as saying – I’m deeply suspicious and concerned. But I also think we need to be cautious against reflexive anti-Chinese sentiment. In general, I think south-south partnership is a good thing. I’d rather see more India-Africa partnership, and would like to see evidence that China-Africa partnership respects human rights and political freedom.

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