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Cass Sunstein’s “Infotopia”

Cass Sunstein’s book,, published in 2001, offered a useful challenge to some of the cyber-utopian promises celebrated at the turn of the millenium. Nicholas Negroponte, in “Being Digital“, offered the fond hope that future news readers would consult “The … Continue reading

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links for 2006-11-30

Chinese-language Wikipedia presents different view of history – Asia – Pacific – International Herald Tribune Excellent Howard French piece on the divergence of Chinese and English wikipedias on sensitive Chinese political topics (tags: freespeech censorship wikipedia) PopSci’s Best of What’s … Continue reading

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Ethiopia Telecoms: Oops, they did it again…

Andrew Heavens has unhappy news from Ethiopia in his latest update on Global Voices: all Blogspot blogs, plus a selected set of anti-Zenawi (or pro-democracy, depending on who’s talking) blogs, including the blogs, are blocked within Ethiopia. An intriguing … Continue reading

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What I REALLY want for Christmas

SJ Klein brought one of the first factory-made One Laptop machines to the Berkman Center for show and tell yesterday. SJ is the director of content for One Laptop, tasked with figuring out what sorts of texts and information get … Continue reading

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Nancy Hafkin on Gender and IT

Nancy Hafkin is a pioneer in the field of ICT for Development, working on issues of information technology in the developing world since 1980. Her work with the Association for Progressive Communication in the 1990s helped bring email connectivity to … Continue reading

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links for 2006-11-28

Reconstruction 6.4 (2006) Very useful paper by David Sasaki on who gets to speak for whom in a global blogosphere, including some discussion of the Indaba controversy. Thanks to Sokari for the pointer. (tags: blogging globalvoices africa dci) Web Tool … Continue reading

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Media lifespans, or how to make your photos live forever

The day before Thanksgiving, Rebecca and I had a meeting with some TV producers. These guys put together very high quality hour-long documentaries, which air on PBS. Once. And perhaps a few times more in repeats. But the primary audience … Continue reading

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MamaMikes discovers YouTube

I’ve written about Mama Mike’s before, a terrific online store that lets expatriate Kenyans support their families and friends at home by remitting goods instead of cash. (The quick version of why this is important: it’s cheaper and more secure … Continue reading

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links for 2006-11-26

Mouse Hunter – Karim2k Blog – Wikipedia banned in Tunisia Karim reports that Wikipedia is being blocked in Tunisia. Still looking for confirmation on this from the Wikipedia crowd (tags: tunisia africa censorship freespeech) Nigeria on my mind “I am … Continue reading

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I’m big in Budapest… I think…

I gave a talk in Budapest, Hungary a week ago at Central European University, on Global Voices, the world of citizen media and how it fits into the promise and hype of web 2.0. I thought it went well, and … Continue reading

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