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Congratulations, Sokari…

Deutsche Welle has released their Best of the Blog awards for 2006 – it’s a great selection again, a combination of blogs that are well-known and some that are lesser-known and great finds by the judges. Sokari Ekine’s Black Looks takes the User prize – the one voted by the general public – for Best English Language blog. It’s a great decision – Sokari’s work is continually challenging and very frequently brilliant. I’m thrilled she’s getting the recognition she deserves. Congratulations, Sokari.

Congrats also to my friends at the Sunlight Foundation for the jury award for Best Weblog. The Sunlight project is an amazing effort, and they’re pioneering new ground in “crowdsourcing” citizen media, using groups of people to report stories no single person could report.

Once again, Best of the Blogs is doing great work calling attention to blogs I’ve missed as well as blogs I read regularly. Congrats to everyone who won…

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  1. Dear Ethan

    thank you very much for making this public appreciation of my work over the past couple of years. What I dont get is why you were not up there? I think there should be more publicity about the award so we can send in nominations that way next year I can nominate you!

    Seriously thanks Ethan

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