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Off to India – light blogging ahead

So, I’m off to Delhi for the Global Voices annual meeting. It’s likely to be an amazing time – I’m really looking forward to seeing (and in many cases, meeting) the remarkable people who build our site every day, and to hearing about what’s happening with blogging, videocasting, podcasting and online activism throughout the developing world.

I’m also, unfortunately, sick and exhausted, and at the end of a very, very long year. So I may not be the excellent correspondent I usually am at conferences. (Or I may be, if I can shake this cold/flu thing on the flight over.) Colleagues will be covering the conference on the Global Voices site, and you can join in with us online all day on Saturday – we’ll be streaming audio from India and running an IRC chat session – more info about this on the GV site once we get settled in at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi.Please join us, if you can.