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Githongo discovers blogs. Sort of.

John Githongo, internationally celebrated Kenyan whistleblower, chose to release his latest report about the Anglo-Leasing scandal on his blog. This is great, Ory Okolloh notes, as it’s a nod towards transparency and new media. But releasing an audio file on a server that crashed under demand and not providing any context or background information on his blog? Not so great. As Ory notes, hosting the files on Mzalendo would have made a great deal more sense. Two steps forward, one step back. Or was it the other way around?

2 thoughts on “Githongo discovers blogs. Sort of.”

  1. Hi John,
    There is this case we brought to your office while you were still in office, about corruption at a public university where money was being wired to private accounts by senior managers. You ordered investigations to be started and 4 people were arested in connection with the fraud. However the investigation has since stalled and we have not known any peace since then. We have however gone to court to seek a judicial review on this matter though it is yet to be given a date.

    Despite your resignation and all this tribullations we are facing i wish to say that you have been an inspiration to us and must Kenyans who detest corruption. We now want to joins forces with other willing Kenyans to fight corruption.
    I believe in a corruption free Kenya.
    Thank you.


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