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Misc. links, half price. Get them before they start to smell.

I’ve been remiss in my blogging lately, an unfortunate consequence of too much travel and too many realworld demands. So I’ve missed a couple of interesting stories, each of which would be worth a post had I the time to … Continue reading

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Things to do in Doha when you’re dead tired

Last year, I came to Doha for the Al Jazeera Forum and broke every rule I have for myself as a traveller. I try very hard to make sure I get at least one good walk in every city I … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-30 ? Blog Archive ? Do these “open hands” represent Zimbabwe’s opposition party? Taurai has a wonderful piece of absurdity from Zimbabwe – a gospel album banned because the open hands, raised in praise, on the cover reminded censors of … Continue reading

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Not my conference. A good time nevertheless.

There’s very little that’s stranger than going to someone else’s conference. Every group, every profession, every occupation in our country has its periodic gatherings, usually in interchangeable hotels in interchangeable cities. When you attend lots of these, they’re comfortingly familiar. … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-27

multimachine : Intermediate technology machine tools Fascinating metalwork machine designed to be buildable in developing nations from auto parts, usable for a very wide range of metalworking activities. Open source hardware design at its best (tags: opensource recycling technology africa … Continue reading

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Pittsfield, MA

Preface: This post continues to get comments years after it was first published. I suspect it is perhaps too well indexed in Google for searches on Pittsfield. This was a personal reflection on a cold March day, and reflects how … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-24

Global Voices Online ? Blog Archive ? Part Two: Inside the school of the Egyptian blogosphere Sami ben Gharbia interviews prominent Egyptian bloggers about the connection between blogging and political activism in Egypt (tags: egypt freespeech censorship globalvoices) Email humor … Continue reading

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Why is Amir Mohamed Meshal in Ethiopia, and why isn’t the US State Department demanding his release?

Amir Mohamed Meshal, a twenty-four year old American from Tinton Falls, New Jersey, travelled to Somalia in December to help the Union of Islamic Courts rebuild Somalia. When Ethiopian forces, with the backing and support of the US military, helped … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-23

To some in Paris, sinister past is back | Chicago Tribune Disturbing story from Paris, Texas about racial disparity in crime sentencing – a white youth who killed a black man sentenced to community service while a black teen with … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-22

A time bomb of trauma in Iraq | FP Passport Attention is being paid to PTSD in American soldiers who’ve served in Iraq – but what about psychological trauma suffered by Iraqi children? What will Iraq be like in 10-20 … Continue reading

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