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Podcast with Kadmus Arts

Oh, my poor loyal readers – you’re about to be flooded with posts from the TED conference and then, if my fingers don’t fall off, from the South by Southwest conference.

For those of you who aren’t already preemtively sick of me, let me offer a recent podcast I did with my dear friend and colleague Ana Maria Harkins. Ana Maria was one of the key figures at Geekcorps, managing the operations of the project while I tried to convince people to give us money or write flattering stories about us.

She’s now one of the founders of Kadmus Arts, a very cool startup dedicated to helping people find arts festivals and events from around the world. She and her cofounders see intercultural encounter through arts as another way to bridge divides and to create xenophiles. We did this interview in the front seat of her car, outside the Chinese restaurant in Williamstown where we having a standing once a month lunch date – some good stuff in there about communication, cultural expression and web communities. Thanks, Ana Maria and thanks Kadmus.

3 thoughts on “Podcast with Kadmus Arts”

  1. So nice to hear both of your voices together! And I love (and appreciate) the notion that these online communities – be they political, arts-oriented, or overly technical – carry a certain amount of fluidity between them.
    Who knows? I might show up and crash your Chopsticks date one of these months…

  2. how funny, I also have a friend working there…now that I double-checked actually two of them :-)

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