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  1. No state-sponsored Internet tampering during the Nigerian 2007 elections? That’s about the ONLY thing that the ruling party didn’t fix in these elections. Perhaps the following two paragraphs from the ONI blog post explains the reason why there wasn’t much evidence of filtering and total Internet shutdowns:

    Nevertheless, the elections appear to have been free from Internet-related attacks and website blocking. According to local statistics from 2006, only 1.1% of Nigerians have access to the Internet. As the Internet becomes a more important source of political information, many states around the world have begun to filter the Internet more extensively. The absence of tampering with the Internet during this election cycle does not mean that the network in Nigeria will remain free of censorship.

    “When very few people have Internet access, the state has few reasons to worry about monitoring or censorship. It’s when the Internet begins to serve some of the roles of mass media that governments can perceive and respond to a threat,” said Jonathan Zittrain, an ONI principal investigator and professor of internet governance at Oxford University.

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