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  1. I enjoy your blog.
    I was hoping you were going to point to the implications of Timberg’s “analysis” contained in his report.
    The first is the conclusion that there is an upside to the ongoing political and economic crises in Zimbabwe — manifested as terror and hunger for the majority of its population. That is that men (and it is clear, black men) have less time for ‘multiple’ sexual relationships because of the insecurity in Zimbabwe, and as result we are seeing lower rates of HIV infection.
    A second, related, implication is that when prosperous, Zimbabwean men are used to having sex with multiple partners, whether with prostitutes or with a mistress or mistresses.
    Third, though not in descending order, women. How does this article describe `Zimbabwe’s women’? Young, sassy, individual, black women who `trade sex for money’ until the gravy train, or ‘ATM,’ runs out, and then the man returns to his wife. What sort of picture is that? It’s the African woman as madonna or whore, and nothing else.
    More importantly this kind of reporting–that Africans can’t be trusted with control of their own sexuality –is exactly what feeds the politics of AIDS denialism in Southern Africa today.
    — Sean Jacobs

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