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Prison blogging

One of the goals of Global Voices was to give people on the Internet access to voices they might not otherwise hear. For us, this has meant amplifying, translating and contextualizing voices from every corner of the world where someone … Continue reading

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Can Zimbabwe monitor email? It may not matter.

When I was in Zimbabwe last September, debate over a proposed interception of communications bill was the major topic of conversation in the Zimbabwean internet community. The bill would give certain members of the Zimbabwean government – notably Zimbabwe’s secret … Continue reading

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links for 2007-08-31

BBC NEWS | Health | Typhoid making a comeback in UK Brits are increasingly travelling to tropical destinations, and a possible result may be a surge in typhoid cases… (tags: globalization travel health) Al Jazeera English – News – Hezbollah … Continue reading

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Arx Americana

I used to spend a lot of time in American embassies. For much of its existence, Geekcorps was funded primarily by USAID, so meetings in nations where we worked or wanted to work were often in the embassy compound. (In … Continue reading

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Here and Now (Then and There?)

The fine folks at WBUR’s Here and Now, a daily news show syndicated on many NPR stations, invited me in to speak with them about the potentials – realized and otherwise – of the Internet as it spreads to all … Continue reading

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links for 2007-08-29

China’s economic revival is minted in counterfeit – International Herald Tribune “Life in China today often seems purely situational, not governed by rights and wrongs so much as by what one can get away with.” Howard French on China’s dysfunctional … Continue reading

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Does digital familiarity breed contempt?

I’ve just spent eight days completely offline. I realize that’s not a very impressive figure – as I’m often reminding people, more than five billion people spend every day offline. But I’m not very good at taking vacations and even … Continue reading

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links for 2007-08-18

David Weinberger: Andrew Keen’s Best Case – Media on The Huffington Post Weinberger has become our champion, fighting against Andrew Keen – this is a particularly compact and useful defense of amateurism against Keen’s critiques (tags: davidweinberger Andrew_Keen books media … Continue reading

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Gone fishin’

I’m going on vacation. If all goes well, I hope to be offline from now until August 29th. Things seldom work out that way, but you can help me by yelling at me if you see me online in the … Continue reading

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The price of maize

What does maize cost in Ghana today? That’s a useful question to ask if you’re a farmer in Burkina Faso, wondering if it’s worth selling your harvest locally, or whether you might invest in a lorry to take your grain … Continue reading

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