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Anonymous Blogging – updated!

My friend and colleague Sami ben Gharbia has just produced a new version of my guide to Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor. This guide is one of several we’re trying to produce as part of the Global Voices Advocacy project, which Sami leads. We’ve re-written the guide, making some changes to accomodate changes made in Tor and some of the other websites referenced in earlier versions. But the best change is a thorough set of screenshots that Sami has added to the guide, which make it much easier to understand and use.

If you want to write a weblog and need to be anonymous, “>please check it out. And many thanks for the folks at HIVOS for sponsoring this project and the rest of our work with Global Voices Advocacy.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Blogging – updated!”

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  2. How can security be provided only for visitors to a blog site? Assume the site itself does not need security, so all original blogs posted by the site author would reveal the IP as usual. But the objective would be to disguise all guest blogger and blog comments.

    Enabling ordinary anonymous comments (by not registering) still does not conceal the IP of those commenters, right? Do they have to have Firefox and Tor at their end to conceal the IP of their comments? If so, this seems like overkill.

    Isn’t there a more simple way to receive and post comments, and then block access to their associated IP from others that visit the site who try to identify them? (Assume the ISP would get the IP records, but no one else could.) Thanks.

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