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If they’re speaking Italian…

If it’s Thursday, this must be Rome. And this conference must be the Web2 for Development conference, hosted at the FAO in Rome. My impressions of Rome thus far come exclusively from what I can see of the city from … Continue reading

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links for 2007-09-28

Map of economic protests – ALTSEAN Burma Annotated map of Burma, listing fall 2007 protests with arrest information (tags: burma myanmar mashup GIS mapping maps)

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Checking in from Picnic

I’m at the Picnic conference in Amsterdam, not long enough to see my friends who are speaking here (David Weinberger, danah boyd, Cory Doctorow and others), but I’m enjoying a couple of hours and some excellent talks, before I wander … Continue reading

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links for 2007-09-25

Cyberactivism 101: notes on emerging distributed advocacy in the case of Usmanov vs Murray | Daily EM Evgeny looks at the Usmanov vs Murray controversy, which pits an Uzbek billionare against a former British diplomat in an online free speech … Continue reading

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G1G1 is a good idea. And, for the record, so is OLPC.

The One Laptop Per Child team has responded to a good idea offered by countless bloggers, wellwishers, critics and journalists: sell the XO-1 laptop to the general public in a way that helps subsidize uptake of the device in the … Continue reading

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Overcommitment and the descent into madness

I’m at home for a few more hours before departing on a trip that involves Boston, Amsterdam, the Hague and Rome in five days, including two or three talks, several meetings and, I hope, some excellent food. While this trip … Continue reading

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links for 2007-09-23

Zambia Conservation: Think again America… Striking post from a Zambian conservationist – notes that people in Zambia are using donated mosquito nets to drag-fish local rivers with disastrous consequences. (tags: zambia africa environment malaria) Guest Editorial: The Congolese Dilemma ‽ … Continue reading

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MIT: What is civic media?

I spoke last evening at MIT’s Communications Forum on a panel titled “What is Civic Media?” (One of the questions I’m hoped to have answered is whether what we call citizen journalism at Harvard is what they call civic media … Continue reading

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links for 2007-09-20

International Crisis Group – 132 Zimbabwe: A Regional Solution? Excellent analysis of the current Zimbabwe situation by ICG, including a set of recommendations for South Africa and other SADC countries as well as for US/UK/EU (tags: zimbabwe africa southafrica) Al … Continue reading

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Windmills, ethanol, tortillas, Malthus and sinking nations. Oh, and online gambling, too.

I was talking with my father-in-law about the new windmill installed at Jiminy Peak, a ski area about five miles from our house. It’s been warmly received by most locals, but I figured my father-in-law – a cigar-smoking, SUV-driving Texan … Continue reading

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