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Downloadable guide to Conference Blogging

Blogging is more fun when it’s a team sport. That’s certainly been true for Global Voices, and it’s at least as true when I get to blog at conferences. TED Africa was such a blast in no small part because I got to experience the event with so many blogger friends from across the continent and around the world. I have high hopes that Pop!Tech, which will feature several bloggers writing in their native language this year, will have some similar cameraderie.

My favorite blogging partner is the remarkable Bruno Giussani, whose Lunch Over IP blog should be required reading for anyone who finds this blog helpful. Bruno and I have traded notes for some years about the art and science of conference blogging, each learning from the other’s expertise. When I posted my accumulated notes on blogging a conference, Bruno responded with a comment thread, then a post of his own.

Now he’s combined his and my thoughts into a six-page guide for novice conference bloggers. It’s enhanced with some excellent illustrations from Bruno’s designer friends at Bread-and-Butter and provides a very handsome introduction to the art/science/obsession that Bruno and I have grown addicted to. Please download it and join us in documenting the next conference, meeting or discussion you attend – if you start blogging, maybe Bruno and I can stop!

9 thoughts on “Downloadable guide to Conference Blogging”

  1. Brilliant!

    By the way, I went out and bought one of those lapdesks from LaptopDesk.net that you recommended in your last post about live conference blogging. I absolutely love it. I’ve convinced 3 others to buy them as well.

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  3. Medea, welcome to the team – hope to see you out on the circuit. Hash, we need to see whether the Laptopdesk.net folks will offer us an endorsement deal. I think TV ads featuring the two of us enjoying our desks are in order…

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