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  1. Can Greed Save Africa?

    worth reading indeed, but the author spent too much time in investors’ private jets to give a more balanced account of FDI and how it works on the ground.

    Sun Biofuels, investors in jatropha, recently acquired land near Dar es Salaam (great opportunity for capital appreciation alone) for c. USD70 per acre (Kisarawe District). Other investors, whether in mining or jatropha, regularly bypass proper procedures for obtaining lands. This may create jobs at the plant, but it also displaces and further marginalises those who used the land before (and believe me, it is used. Don’t believe the talk of ‘arid scrubland’ as if land is not valued and used).

    I’m all for investment from overseas, but too often its benefits are highly localised and the repatriated returns to investors serve in no way to develop a local capital base.

  2. Are you taking any time to actually read the links that you are offering to readers? The “provocative” piece on Darfur “Dissident Voice : Ten Reasons Why “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam” is written at about the level of a precocious 10th grader. It contains practically every mistake that college students are taught to avoid when trying to make a reasoned argument. It makes me cringe.

  3. Uh yes, Michael – I certainly am reading these articles. You’re certainly free to rubbish them – and this one certainly is worth arguing over – but I post them because I found them interesting, not because I neccesarily agree with everything said in them.

  4. OK I was quick to the trigger… apologies and keep up the good work- I find your blog very useful. The medium (as has been discussed ad nauseum) has its problem in that unlike a newspaper you don’t subscribe for six-months or a year, and so a couple of bad posts/links… the end of click through. On the other hand, if you don’t post for 5-6 days same thing… so the pressure to “come up with stories” to satisfy a readership must be intense.

  5. I agree, Michael – that’s one of the issues with the medium. I write a lot on these issues, though haven’t written a ton specifically on this issue in the past year… Some of my readers are regulars, and know what I’ve written on these issues before, while others may be running into the blog for the first time. It’s hard to know how to frame posts to reach both audiences. That’s especially true with these links, which are literally my personal bookmarks on del.icio.us…

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