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Rising Voices Introduction to Citizen Media

My friend and colleague David Sasaki has just published a remarkable guide, “An Introduction to Citizen Media”. The guide is closely related to David’s main project, Rising Voices, a branch of the Global Voices family that’s focused on introducing citizen media to activists and citizens in every corner of the world. David is working with groups like HiperBarrio in Colombia and Nari Jibon in Bangladesh to help share the power and potential of citizen media with new audiences.

With lessons learned from the projects Rising Voices is currently assisting, and from David’s long tenure with Global Voices, the Introduction to Citizen Media offers a thorough overview of ways that blogs can help individuals make connections, learn more about the world, strengthen organizations and causes, and generally transform lives for the better. The guide is a terrific resource for novice bloggers, or for organizations who are considering starting blogs to increase their audience. It’s available now in English, Spanish and Bangla, with versions planned in Swahili, Malagasy, and Aymara. Given the enthusiasm on GLobal Voices lists for the guide, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a whole lot more languages as well. Please check it out, and feel free to spread it far and wide – it’s licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, so you’re welcome to reproduce it any way you can think to.

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