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Guessing at election outcomes in Zimbabwe

I’m in DC for a day and half, invited by a team at the Economist for a discussion of public-private partnerships in supporting technology projects in the developing world. Good stuff, but I suspect I’ve been a lousy guest so … Continue reading

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Journalism in 2013

Alas, dear readers, we’ve moved from the “long speeches on stage” phase of Media Re:public to panel-land. Panels are a great way to put a lot of cool people on stage… which is useful, because it allows you to invite … Continue reading

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John Kelly and mapping blogosphere links

John Kelly, a researcher with Berkman and Columbia University, is one of the founders of Morningside Analytics, a company that’s trying to discover and map connections in the blogosphere and media as a whole. He’s presenting his recent research at … Continue reading

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David Weinberger, reframing media around abundance

My colleague David Weinberger has been teaching a course at Berkman this semester on the topic, “What’s different about the web?” He answers this question on his first slide of his Media Re:public talk: “No atoms, no centralized control, and … Continue reading

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Roberto Suro, looking backwards to understand the future of media

Professor Roberto Suro is a veteran print journalist, formerly with the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post and other major publications. He’s our resident journalist, asked to frame journalism’s role in democracy for the Media … Continue reading

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Manuel Castells on media and power

Professor Manuel Castells opens the discussions at Media Re:public by framing the relationship between media and political power. Democracy, he tels is, reflects the values of powers that shape the norms and institutions of society. And power is asserted through … Continue reading

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BBC’s Richard Sambrook at Media Re:public

For the next 48 hours, I’m in LA, where it’s sunny, warm and basically impossible to park your car… which is only a problem because you need a car to get anywhere. I think I’d trade 20 farenheight degrees for … Continue reading

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Mapping electoral fraud in Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwe faces a pivotal presidential election on March 29, expect a great deal of conversation about whether polls were free and fair. It may be very difficult to answer that question decisively, as the Zimbabwean government has been extremely … Continue reading

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Bridgeblogging Chinese anger over perceived media bias

It’s always encouraging when voices from around the world share your opinions. I’m buoyed by posts on Voices Without Votes that show international support for my presidential candidate of choice, and I’ve been thrilled to see Obama’s brilliant speech on … Continue reading

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links for 2008-03-25

No Longer at Ease: Al Shabab, a terrorist splinter group from the Islamic Courts Useful analysis by Abdurahman Warsame on the splintering of UIC into groups that include Al Shabbab, which looks increasingly like an al-Qaeda style organization that favors … Continue reading

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