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Financial models for “difficult” journalism

One of the themes I was struck by at the Berkman at Ten conference was the idea that the net is now mature enough that we should be studying what’s actually happening, not just what we think should happen. While … Continue reading

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Why we pay attention to Darfur

I’d hoped that spending three weeks offline would be a great time for ideas to ferment, much as they do when I’m on vacation. Turns out that this healing thing is harder work than I’d anticipated. Rather than a wealth … Continue reading

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My shiny new retina

I feel a little like one of those late-night TV ads, where we see the photo of an overweight, schlubby-looking guy (i.e., someone who looks like me), followed by a toned, fit, six-pack-ab’d superman, whose stunning transformation was made possible … Continue reading

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Video interview at Berkman at Ten

Dr. Ulrike Reinhard, who is building a new online and offline publication, We Magazine, interviewed me at Berkman at 10. You can watch me squint as my damaged eye tries to deal with sitting outside, or you can just focus … Continue reading

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Heard, not seen

Since I haven’t been reading very much, I haven’t been posting bookmarks. But the trip to and from Boston gave me a chance to catch up on podcasts – both ones publicly available, and ones custom made for me. (Thanks … Continue reading

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Expectations matter. Psychological research suggests that you can drive rats (or humans) crazy by shocking them at random. Give them a light that precedes each electric shock so they can brace themselves, and they’ll get only mildly depressed. (And let … Continue reading

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Eyes closed at Berkman at Ten

I came to the Berkman at Ten conference under doctor’s orders to keep my eyes closed. This leads to an unusual – for me, at least – approach to conference-going. I’m here in Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School with … Continue reading

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Reality by Rothko

You know that moment in the old movies when they take the bandage off the patient’s eye? He blinks once, twice and as his vision resolves, he sees the beautiful nurse smiling at him. That’s not how it happened for … Continue reading

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Why I’ll be ignoring you for the month of May

My friend Andrew travels more than I do – which is a dubious sort of achievement – and with at least as much joy in his peregrinations. He tells me that one of his favorite moments is that instant where … Continue reading

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Korb Eynon and tribal fame

My friend David Weinberger has famously observed that “In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people.” (Modestly, he has noted that he’s probably not the first person to make this observation.) David makes the point that fame in … Continue reading

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