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A quick update from the GV summit

Sorry for my comparative silence, friends. We’re alive and running at the Global Voices 2008 summit here in Budapest. There’s a hotel conference room packed with Global Voices authors and activists as well as with journalists from around Hungary and throughout Central Europe. And there are dozens of folks covering the event via liveblogging and other methods – you can see their coverage on the summit website.

Not me, though. I’d love to liveblog, but there’s a great deal going on here, and I’m going to be busy as one of the master of ceremonies.

We’re thrilled that people are paying attention to the work we’re doing at Global Voices and our involvement via Global Voices Advocacy in issues around free speech online. My friend Evgeny Morozov has an article in this week’s Economist on the cat and mouse game around free speech online – we’re thrilled to be mentioned in that context.

More news as I’m able to break away from the conference and share the conversation with you. Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “A quick update from the GV summit”

  1. Welcome back to Europe Ethan. The Global Voices Summit 2008 agenda looks very ambitious as panelists and speakers will attempt to cover a number of very important subjects in only two days.

    It’s nice to see that GVO was mentioned in such a reputable publication as The Economist (online). Unfortunately the author of the piece did not clearly define what the global project is really all about and the huge impact it has on the work of blog authors and online journalists and readers worldwide.

    In addition, I do hope that some of the talks and presentations are being digitally recorded for the purpose of sharing with the GVO community at a later date.

  2. Thanks Ethan. Global Voices not only help people to share their village and country news to the world but also motivate them to become computerize. African bloger for example.

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