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links for 2008-07-31

Palestinians capture violence of Israeli occupation on video | World news | Interesting piece on citizen video in the occupied territories, documenting settler violence (tags: activism humanrights palestine video israel citizenmedia) R. Stevens Steers Diesel Sweeties Back to Its … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship and Nose-Thumbing

There’s understandable outcry about revelations that reporters covering the Olympics in Beijing will be using censored internet connections which block access to sites on sensitive topics, like human rights and Falun Gong. In classic fashion, a Beijing Olypics spokesman, Sun … Continue reading

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Brother, can you spare a billion?

For a little more than a year now, I’ve been carrying in my wallet a $500 Zimbabwean bearer cheque, an odd form of currency designed to expire after a few months, a recognition of the overwhelming inflation in that country. … Continue reading

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Social lions, fiscally-literate mobile phones

One of the best parts of this gathering at Microsoft is not the cool new toys coming from Microsoft research, but the ideas presented by nine design schools who’ve been invited to the event. In a two-hour session this afternoon, … Continue reading

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Visualizing Social Networks… in Excel

In the spirit of attending OPCs – “other people’s conferences”, conferences where you’re invited, but not part of the demographic/professional group the conference is aimed at – I’m now at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. I’m not a computer scientist, … Continue reading

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Unusual collaborations at Creative Capital

I’ve spent three days hanging out at the Creative Capital retreat at Williams College. Creative Capital is an arts development organization that supports artists both fiscally and via extensive coaching – these retreats give the artists sponsored a chance to … Continue reading

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Artists and superheroes

Put eighty artists in a room and you’re going to get some overlapping ideas. One of the ideas to emerge in the last few presentations at the Creative Capital summer retreat is the power of the superhero. Kenseth Armstead has … Continue reading

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Incremental ideas: solar-powered GSM towers

I wrote a bit last year about the idea of “incremental infrastructure“. Basically, the idea is that there might be a future for infrastructure projects in Africa that build small pieces of infrastructure and either join them together, or simply … Continue reading

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Provocative, political… and very funny

There’s a lot of work being shown at the Creative Capital workshop at Williams College that’s political and provocative, but not much that’s laugh-out-loud funny. Thank god for Golan Levin. Levin is a Pittsburgh-based artist and a professor at Carnegie … Continue reading

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Creative Capital: Same stories, different models?

I spent yesterday in a conversation at the Berkman Center about possible models to support “difficult” journalism – important news reporting that’s hard to support fiscally. Today, I’m at an event at Williams College, my alma mater, at a meeting … Continue reading

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