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More talking, less writing at PICNIC08

I’d forgotten the difficulty of speaking at and covering a conference at the same time. It’s too easy to assume that speaking just means getting on stage, giving your presentation and then returning to civilian life. The fine folks at PICNIC have kept me busy with a long line of journalists, photographers and smart young Dutch students who want to discuss business ideas.

So, no blogging from the stage by me today. Instead, I’ll point you towards Kathlyn Clore’s coverage of my talk at the European Journalism Center “Bloggers Lab”, Erik Hershman’s photos of my talk on the main stage, Lucy Hooberman’s coverage of the same and Hubert Guillaud’s notes in French. Thanks, everyone, for helping me try to share these ideas and messages.

And now, a well-meaning photographer has me sitting in wood chips on the floor next to a stuffed sheep. I think the sheep is supposed to be reading my laptop over my shoulder. Or something like that. It’s confusing here in Holland.