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If it’s Monday, this must be Tihany.

My backyard, Lanesboro, MA

It’s so beautiful in the Berkshires this time of year that it’s a little dangerous to drive. Rachel and I went into Williamstown on Saturday to buy some groceries and get our mail, and nearly rear-ended several drivers who stopped at arbitrary intervals to gawk at the leaves.

It’s hard to blame them. I always feel like a sucker when I leave town at this time of year. I know I’m missing one of a couple dozen perfect days – warm in the sunshine, cold in the shade, crisp in the morning, filled with color.

Lake Balaton, the backyard of the hotel in which I’m currently staying.

But 19 hours after I took that first photo, I’m by the shores of Lake Balaton in the town of Tihany in southwestern Hungary. Tomorrow I speak at the Internet Hungaria conference, here in this lovely place. Nice people as well – had a lovely dinner with a set of entrepreneurs from around Central Europe, and a friendly pair of my countrymen as well.

Wednesday I fly to Barcelona, where I give a talk on Friday. On Saturday, it’s back to Boston, and then to Camden, Maine to lend a hand with the workshop to train the Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows. Then a talk in Manchester a week from Tuesday. And then home, to stare at my backyard again.

In the meantime, that’s a really beautiful lake. Both of them, come to think of it.

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  1. Sorry to be missing you (and your blogging!) in Camden. We’ll try to keep your legacy of prolific live-blogging going strong.


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