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Old friends, old tires

My friend Christopher – “Stophe” – Landis has never been a man of half measures. When he directed the first groups of Geekcorps volunteers in Ghana, he elected to live in a house without air conditioning, prefering not to make … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-30

Info-Sumo.Net Brilliant French-language sumo fan site (tags: sumo japan sports) Humanitarian Relief – From the Field – Messages from Aid Workers in Somalia Perspectives on Somalia from aid workers attempting to provide humanitarian relief despite absurd conditions. "What has … Continue reading

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Citizen voices and the Mumbai attacks

When news from the developing world dominates the global news agenda, we get a lot of traffic on Global Voices. As the horrific events unfolded in Mumbai this past week, our authors, editors and tech staff began compiling accounts from … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-28 New Nigerian blog focused on news in the mobile phone industry (tags: africa nigeria mobile commerce) PLATOfest to Celebrate First Online Community Wired history of PLATO based on a reunion in 1979 (tags: community education xenophilia networks PLATO) Virtual … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-27

A Thanksgiving Meal From The Test Kitchen : NPR Vodka in the pie dough turns out to be the secret to incredibly flaky pie crust. Who knew? Just made a pie using this recipe and am unspeakably happy. (tags: food … Continue reading

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Harumafuji: still Mongolian, still badass.

My man Ama went 12-3 in the Kyushu basho, nearly winning the Emperor’s Cup, losing to Hakuho in a hard-fought playoff on the final day of the tournament. I just got the chance to see the playoff via bittorrent, and … Continue reading

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Putting that extra life to good use

I had a good conversation last night with Dr. Vikram Kumar, the founder of Dimagi, a very cool project that’s using handheld devices, phones and smartcards to provide health care services in the developing world. Smartcare, deployed in Zambia by … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-25

The turn to online research is narrowing the range of modern scholarship, a new study suggests – The Boston Globe Consumer-friendly version of the Science piece about how online scholarship appears not to be broadening the scholarly sources cited by … Continue reading

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OSI – Social media in closed societies

My friend and colleague Evgeny Morozov is spending a year as an Open Society Institute fellow, working through some of his ideas about cybernationalism and cyberwarfare, and organizing events to discuss the future of the Internet at OSI. I was … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-21

Teenagers%u2019 Internet Socializing Not a Bad Thing – MacArthur's study on teen use of internet tools – conducted by Mimi Ito, danah boyd and other friends – shows evidence that teens are building social skills and capital via these … Continue reading

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