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links for 2008-12-27

Long Tail theory contradicted as study reveals 10m digital music tracks unsold – Times Online Set of data on digital music sales appears to point more to the old 80/20 rule than towards Chris Anderson's long tail. Especially surprising is … Continue reading

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Mapping: Infrastructure and flow

I love airline route maps. I’ve fallen asleep staring at the tangle of possible journeys so often that I sometimes confuse the capilaries I see with my eyes closed with the red paths of Northwest flights hubbed out of Detroit … Continue reading

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Hal Roberts: Should we worry that Google is watching?

My friend and colleague Hal Roberts is taking on one of the hardest research questions in the space of internet and society – the surveillance of the internet. If surveillance is done in certain ways, it should be invisible to … Continue reading

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links for 2008-12-23

A year without 'Made in China' | Sara Bongiorni summarizes the experiment that led to her book, "A year without 'Made in China'" (tags: economics china globalization consumerism markets manufacturing) In Zimbabwe, Survival Lies in Scavenging – Inflation … Continue reading

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MSF’s top ten – how disconnection affects public health

It’s hard to look forward to something as difficult and sad as Medicine Sans Frontieres top ten list of global humanitarian crises. I noted last year that this appears to be the season for top ten lists, and that these … Continue reading

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Finding hope, even in the hardest stories

Some of the most insightful and moving writing about Africa comes from correspondents just as they’re leaving the continent. Africa correspondents are generally absurdly overworked. Your “beat” is a continent that’s larger than the US, China and Western Europe combined. … Continue reading

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Bribery is a two-way street

There’s lots of business and economics news to be angry about, if you choose to be angry. But one story in particular has my attention, and my ire: the news that Siemens paid over $1.4b in bribes to foreign officials … Continue reading

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If you can, please help us out

I realize that, at the end of a year when nearly everyone has faced economic hard times, all sorts of worthy organizations are asking for your help. Well, we are too. Global Voices is launching an online giving campaign today. … Continue reading

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links for 2008-12-19

AIR TRAFFIC Utterly wonderful visualization of air traffic above Zurich using real-time transponder data, overlaid on a Google map. Wow (tags: maps web2.0 mashup airplane airport aviation switzerland)

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Chris Salzberg on Global Voices, and the challenges and potential of community translation

The last two major projects I’ve worked on – Geekcorps and Global Voices – share an interesting trait. Both ended up becoming research projects for academics studying the changing nature of organizations in a digital age. Dr. Leo Hsu of … Continue reading

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