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Interview on CBC

Nora Young, host of CBC’s radio program Spark, was kind enough to interview me on some of my favorite topics – xenophilia and cultural bridging, mostly – a couple of weeks back. That interview is airing in two parts, this week and next, and is accompanied by some other cool stories, including Mitch Kapor on a CTO for the US, and speculations on what would happen if gamers ran the world. Should be a good show – hope you’ll give it a listen.

2 thoughts on “Interview on CBC”

  1. I subscribe to the extended podcast feed of Spark and I listened to the full interview you did with Nora today and I thought that it was a great interview. Lots of great points and perspective. It made me want to thank you for your blogging here and the bridges that you help build, facilitate and highlight. I’m a long time reader of your blog and Global Voices, but I’ve neglected to say thank you until now. Thanks!

  2. Hello,
    Just wanted to say that i enjoyed your interview on Spark today with Nora Young. I currently live in Ontario but i was born and raised in Ghana. I did not realized that i was a xenophile until i listened to your interview. I had no idea there was a formal name for people like myself.
    Glad i found your blog.

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