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links for 2009-01-27

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  1. Hi Ethan! I found you googling Youny, lawyer, accra – and you came up I suspect because of young lawyer accra. Anyhow, outside of the fact I’m trying to track down Youni, I’m a Canadian visiting Ghana to help friends of mine here in Accra start an NGO to benefit their village of origin in Upper West. I’m trying to find out what it costs to register a business or an NGO here in Accra – but I’m not expecting you to know the answer. Just thought it was cool that I found you with this search – synchronicities always are meaningful.


    Daniel F. Berg, PhD

  2. Daniel, good luck with your work. I haven’t worked with lawyers in Accra since 1999 or so, so I don’t have up to date information. At that point, it cost about $1000, including all filing and legal fees, to register an NGO, but it’s certainly possible that I overpaid. If you need help connecting with local NGOs who could introduce you to appropriate counsel, let me know and I’ll offer some contact info to you.

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