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As much pride as I like to take in thoroughly liveblogging TED, there’s going to be a hole in my performance, as I will be in Denver tomorrow accepting an award on behalf of Global Voices. But I’ve arranged an astounding pinch-hitter. The inimitable Erik Hersman, of White African, Afrigadget and Ushahidi fame, is going to be sitting in, cross-posting some of his blog notes here. I’ve literally never had a guest blogger on this blog previously, but I can think of no better man to take the reins – you’ll be in good hands. Enjoy Erik’s coverage and see you Friday.

4 thoughts on “Pinch-hitting”

  1. Great job Erik (aka The White African). I came over from the TED blog after discovering that TED 2009 was taking place this week. Everything at TED 2009 looks so interesting and delicious as if it were a grand buffet for the mind and soul.

    What award is Ethan picking up in Denver for GVO? The Bronco-blogging Awards 2009?

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