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Beyond Broadcast 2009. Beyond overwhelmed.

I’m having a blast at Beyond Broadcast despite fighting off a bad cold. The organizers have done a great job of moving beyond the usual suspects and bringing in people I’m thrilled to listen to, like Nouneh Sarkissian of Internews Armenia, talking about the innovative work her group is doing linking Georgian, Armenian and Azeri youth around media production camps. And I just got to meet a hero of mine, Tonyo Cruz from TXTPower in Manilla.

But I’m also working my ass off. I moderated a session earlier today on “Global Media’s Role in a Digital Era”, which Ivan kindly blogged here, and I’m speaking in today and tomorrow’s wrap-up sessions, which is forcing me to take good notes and put slides together.

And so… not so much blogging from me. Sorry. There’s a pretty good twitter stream. Jessica Clark in particular is kicking ass and taking names. And I’ll post when I’m able.

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  1. Hello Ethan,

    I heard your wonderful interview with Nora Young on the CBC program “Spark” about the Open Translation Project. I have written, with two co-authors, a series of documents in English that desperately need to be translated into French. The publications concern accommodation of persons with environmental sensitivities in the workplace. The documents were created on our own time for the purpose of informing employers, employees and building managers about the relevant legal and social considerations, as well as practical methods of accommodating this disability. See . For years, I have been looking for a translator who would do this work on a pro bono basis but have not yet found one. Do you think that the Open Translation Project could help? What would you suggest?
    Thank you in advance.

    Debra Sine
    Ottawa Ontario

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