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links for 2009-07-31

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics Kevin Kelly invites us to draw maps of the internet. Some fascinating stuff emerges. (tags: maps internet web2.0 visualization mapping cartography visualisation creative drawing) Infotropism %u2013 Standing out in the crowd: my OSCON keynote Great … Continue reading

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Getting my Mac to read to me

On Tuesday, I go in for long-scheduled retinal surgery. Based on the last time I had this procedure, reading will be impossible for roughly four weeks and painful for another month after that. So I’m taking August off, shutting off … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-30

Newly discovered image offers fresh insights about 1848 medical miracle – The Boston Globe An old daguerrotype is identified as an image of Phineas Gage, who survived a huge iron tamping rod through his frontal lobe. Image identified via Flickr … Continue reading

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Fun and games with human misery

Here’s a fun game to play with friends, particularly friends who work on social ventures or other world-changing projects. Ask each person what issues they’d work on if they were given $500 million, $50 million or $5 million dollars to … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-25

In Praise of [Some] DDoSs? – Chris Peterson Should we see DDOS – as used by activists – as analagous to a sit-in protest… or as a form of blackmail or other criminal coercion? Good questions on an interesting DDOS … Continue reading

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When the Times reports rumors

Update, 7:04pm, July 23: Robert Mackey has been very gracious about engaging with the points I’ve raised in this post. Please make sure you read our exchange in the comments on the post, as well as the post itself. And … Continue reading

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Alex MacGillivray explains the Google Books settlement

John Palfrey introduces Alex MacGillivray as one of the first students of the Berkman Center. He’s now a major player in the world of internet law, formerly serving as Senior Product and Intellectual Property Counsel at Google. He’s represented Google … Continue reading

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Buying Fabric in Accra

Note: I’m flattered that this posts comes up as a search result for purchasing fabric in Accra, but I am not in the fabric business. I cannot sell you fabric from Ghana, nor do I represent Mercy Ocansey’s family – … Continue reading

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Accra, fifteen years later

To obtain the emergency passport I needed to visit Nigeria and Ghana, I revisited my old stomping grounds in Southern Connecticut. To reward myself for a frantic day of bureacratic wrangling, I stopped by New Canaan, CT, the absurdly wealthy … Continue reading

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After Obama in Ghana

President Obama’s poll numbers may be slipping in the US, but he’s certainly popular in Accra. I missed the chaos of his visit, but have been enjoying the aftermath – countless billboards featuring the President, his family, Obama and Ghanaian … Continue reading

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