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Our new joint venture

The Velveteen Rabbi and I are very pleased to announce the (closed alpha) release of our new joint project, Andrew Wynn Kwame Zuckerman, born 12:44 AM, November 28th, 2009 at Berkshire Medical Center. Mom and baby are both well, … Continue reading

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links for 2009-11-26

Three-Toed Sloth Excellent blog with lots of links to economics and statistics papers, including some excellent works by the author on homophily and contagion (tags: blogs economics statistics books research science commentary reading academic complexity) Franco Techno Gap Cool bilingual … Continue reading

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From compassion to action, from action to knowledge

I’ve opened a lot of lectures lately – presentations about our Media Cloud research at Berkman – by complaining about the New York Times’s Africa coverage. I cite the fact that Japan tends to average roughly 8-10 times as many … Continue reading

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Bridging with Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer, the moderator of WNYC’s excellent morning show, has been kind enough to invite me onto his show all month long, appearing every Thursday morning. It’s been a somewhat insane month for me to participate. As Rachel explained on … Continue reading

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Samuel Bowles introduces Kudunomics

Warning! Professor Bowles’s lecture was rich in economic jargon, and I’m not an economist. And it had an unusally high idea density. It’s quite possible that I missed large swaths of what he was saying and misinterpreted what he did … Continue reading

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links for 2009-11-16

Global Voices Online Japan: In a World with Automatic Translation Wonderful Japanese blogpost on the importance of automatic translation, and the benefits of translating the apparently silly and inconsequential (tags: anguage translation blogging search japan bridgeblogs)

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What if they stop clicking?

Who pays for content and services on the internet? My friend Bo Peabody thinks we should be asking not just whether ad-supported journalism is feasible, but whether ad-supported social networks will work. In a Washington Post op-ed titled ““, Bo … Continue reading

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Help us find some language data

My colleague Hal Roberts has been hard at work on a fascinating research question: where in the world are the websites we pay attention to? It’s an important question for his work on surveillance – if most of the popular … Continue reading

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Criticism corrected, and corrections criticized

Dan Gillmor offered an observation a few days back about the challenges of being both fast and being correct in the world of journalism, suggesting a need for “slow news“. I got an email earlier today that reminded me that … Continue reading

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links for 2009-11-11

The Malagasy dwarf Hippo: " When Humans Don't Seem to Count" Dallaire on Rwanda and Darfur Notes on Romeo Dallaire's lecture on Rwanda, Darfur, genocide and intervention at Princeton, from Lova Rakatomalala (tags: dallaire rwanda darfur africa genocide conflict peacekeeping … Continue reading

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