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Julie Cohen – Internet policy and human flourishing

Professor Julie Cohen of Georgetown Law School is visiting at Harvard Law this year and working on a book, “Configuring the Network Self”. Speaking at Berkman today, she explains that she’s had two motivations to undertake this work – an … Continue reading

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Liberia – shock or insight?

I lost an hour this morning to a documentary on Liberia, which I stumbled onto through Twitter. VBS – the television and video arm of Vice Magazine (wikipedia article, official site) – has produced critically acclaimed content including “Heavy Metal … Continue reading

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Reacting to Clinton’s Freedom to Connect speech

Many good friends are in Washington, DC today to hear Secretary Clinton’s speech on Internet Freedom, and will be offering their reactions across a swath of online and offline media. I’m enjoying my own brand of internet freedom, the one … Continue reading

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The Ghanaian Earthquake Hoax

When disasters strike, one natural – and admirable – response is an outpouring of sympathy and support for those affected. Another natural response is more troublesome – the tendency to ask the question, “Could the same disaster befall me?” My … Continue reading

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Four possible explanations for Google’s big China move

Yesterday, Google announced a major change in their policy in engaging with China – they will no longer censor search results on to comply with Chinese policy. This almost certainly means that will be blocked by the Great … Continue reading

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Following the Haitian earthquake online

A massive earthquake hit Haiti last night, with an epicentre only 15 kilometers from Port au Prince, the capital city. It will be some time before the extent of the devestation is known, but early reports suggest that thousands are … Continue reading

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What happens in Cabinda doesn’t stay in Cabinda

Hosting an international event – a conference, a sporting event – is a classic strategy for rebranding a troubled nation. Concerned that your rigged elections and abysmal human rights record makes you look a little backwards? Host an international meeting … Continue reading

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links for 2010-01-09

Wikipedia article traffic statistics Very cool alpha tool for tracking searches on wikipedia and determining attention to specific topics. (tags: wikipedia statistics data attention web media) Wikibumps Boing Boing Clever little idea – use search volume to Wikipedia as a … Continue reading

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Yemen and the problems of ADD journalism

Since the underwear bomber attempted to bring down Northwest 253 on Christmas Day, it’s been all terror all the time across news media. Project for Excellence in Journalism reports a rare occurance – stories surrounding NW253 have dominated coverage in … Continue reading

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Welcome back, Yeeyan

If I had to pick a project that most excited me in 2009, it would be Yeeyan, a distributed translation project focused on making influential English-language media accessible to a Chinese-speaking audience. Yeeyan’s founders built a community that included thousands … Continue reading

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