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Counting International Connections on Facebook

My friend Onnik Krikorian has become a Facebook evangelist. Onnik, a Brit of Armenian descent, living in Armenia, is the Global Voices editor for the Caucuses, which means he’s responsible for rounding up blogs from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan as well … Continue reading

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links for 2010-07-27

Greg's Cable Map Excellent, fascinating undersea cable map with ability to report faults (tags: cable cables connectivity maps infrastructure internet)

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“Either you make films or make excuses” – ICT and the Nigerian film industry

I’ve just spent two weeks giving lectures and workshops in five cities and three countries. Some were ones I’d planned for months, like the TED talk. Others were more off the cuff. And then there was our workshop on ICT … Continue reading

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Highlights of our workshop on ICT and Elections in Nigeria

The past two days, I’ve been participating in the first day of a two-day event on information technology and government transparency in Nigeria. It’s a conversation that’s both timely, and also a bit late – decisions recently made in Nigeria … Continue reading

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TEDGlobal: Surprises, community spirit, and a goodbye

Our surprise guest on our final day is Julian Assange, founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks. (Okay, not a surprise to me – I had an enjoyable argument with him about singularity theory last night.) Chris Anderson, TED’s founder, … Continue reading

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TEDGlobal: Dimitar Sasselov and the 100 million earths

Dimitar Sasselov uses a recent event in history – the reburial of Copernicus with honors in his native Poland – as a way of discussing a major discovery in his own work. Like most of his contemporaries, Copernicus had been … Continue reading

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TEDGlobal: Stefan Wolff and learning lessons to stop ethnic conflict

Stefan Wolff is a scholar of ethnic conflicts and civil war. He tells us that, while there’s seldom good news when we talk about these topics, there are reasons for hope. Specifically, he’s hopeful about three factors: leadership, diplomacy and … Continue reading

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Ze Frank: To Feel and Be Felt

Ze Frank is a very funny man. He’s also an extremely sweet and caring guy. And while his talk at TED features some of his classic collaborative web performances – the Earth sandwich, YoungMeNowMe – most of the talk is … Continue reading

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TEDGlobal: Rachel Sussman photographs plants from before year zero

Rachel Sussman is photographing organisms that are more than 2000 years old. The project was inspired by Jamon Sugi, a two thousand year old Japanese Cedar at a remote island called Yaku Shima. The project is a combination of philosophy, … Continue reading

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TEDGlobal: Jason Clay and a sustainable future through corporate collusion

(Clay’s talk is similar to the one he gave at the Aspen Institute last year, though that talk was more than an hour long and, obviously, was able to cover more territory than an 18 minute TED talk. Here are … Continue reading

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