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links for 2010-09-30

YouTube – Putri Norizah (Brunei) in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (cover) with various performers from 156 countries Putting aside my skepticism about the RED campaign and my distaste for Starbucks… this is a hell of a video. Snippets of … Continue reading

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links for 2010-09-29

manifesto Interesting project – Seeks – attempts to wrestle power from search engines by adding a social layer to search, linking people with similar queries and building an alternative set of results to common queries from user-ranked collective results. (tags: … Continue reading

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Cynthia Dwork defines Differential Privacy

Cynthia Dwork is a theoretical computer scientist who is known for applying the theory of her field to problems that seem like they might not be best solved by computer science. One of those problems is privacy, the topic of … Continue reading

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Could Canada help release Hossein Derakhshan?

My friend, Canadian/Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan has been imprisoned in Iran since November 2008. A few days ago, we got the disturbing news that Tehran’s prosecutor would seek the death penalty for Hossein’s alleged offenses: “collaborating with enemy states, creating … Continue reading

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links for 2010-09-27

very small array TRAVEL Around the world on boats and trains – an extraordinary trip and some pretty fine travel writing. (tags: blog funny global maps travel adventure journal containership trains) The Big Adventure – Justinsomnia Description of a round-the-world … Continue reading

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Learning the Lessons of Bell, CA

I was trying to figure out what “civic media” is the other day. My friend Henry Jenkins helped coin the term – as well as co-founding MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media – and he told me that civic media … Continue reading

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Mapping the recession

You’ve probably seen this incredible visualization of the spread of unemployment in the US produced by journalist LaToya Egwuekwe. I was at a foundation board meeting last week, showing it to anyone I can get to look at it, and … Continue reading

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Your chance to Gerrymander a congressional district

One of the prizes of the upcoming US elections is control of statehouses and governor’s mansions. The goal is not just the sheer number of Democrat or Repblican held seats, but the ability to control the redistricting process. Every ten … Continue reading

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Jonathan Zittrain and technology to transform the law school

Berkman Center cofounder Jonathan Zittrain is the ringleader for our lunch session at Berkman today, a presentation of H2O, the oft-evolving tool he and crew have been developing to bring syllabi and the casebook into the digital age. Z begins … Continue reading

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No Firewall – free speech resources for Vietnamese speakers

What national government censors the internet most aggressively? Iran and China are probably the most popular answers, and there’s a good case to be made for each. My friend Sami ben Gharbia makes the case – in a very important … Continue reading

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