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When the best radio isn’t radio

Bill McKibben has an excellent essay – “All Programs Considered” – in the forthcoming New York Review of Books where he asks why radio doesn’t receive the same critical scrutiny as film, books or even television. Most of his piece … Continue reading

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links for 2010-10-25

traffic-map-wp-1600.jpg (16001200) TeleGeography's 2010 map of telephone traffic. Fascinating to look at telephone routes coming into the UK. (tags: telephony maps cartography internet phone globalization xenophilia)

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links for 2010-10-22

Why restrict immigration at all? / The Christian Science Monitor – Pro-immigration op-ed includes an excellent history of US efforts to restrict migration through law, a process that starts by banning prostitutes and convicts, and eventually bans…well, lots of … Continue reading

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The ley lines of globalization

Six years ago, early in my tenure at Berkman, I wrote a blog post that tried to calculate the cost of shipping water from a bottling plant in Yaqara, Fiji to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was interested in unpacking the everyday … Continue reading

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How many people jump the Great Firewall?

My colleague Hal Roberts, I and friends at Berkman released a paper today that attempts to estimate usage of circumvention tools, tools used to evade internet filtering. We were specifically interested in trying to compare usage of different types of … Continue reading

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links for 2010-10-14

Duncan Watts | Yahoo! Research Collection of Watts's papers, available for download as PDF (tags: academic network networks research socialmedia watts smallworld) Is the Tipping Point Toast? — Duncan Watts — Trendsetting | Fast Company Clive Thompson explores Duncan Watts's … Continue reading

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Shortcuts in the social graph

I gave a talk on Monday in Salzburg, Austria that expanded slightly on my TED Global talk about imaginary cosmopolitanism. The audience in Salzburg included American, African and European media development experts, and I made the case that groups concerned … Continue reading

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links for 2010-10-13

Think Tank – Where to Get a Good Idea – Steal It Outside Your Group – "People who live in the intersection of social worlds are at higher risk of having good ideas." An analysis of creativity and structural … Continue reading

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Salzburg: Steve Bratt and the Web Foundation

I’m in Salzburg today at a Salzburg Global Seminar titled “Strengthening Independent Media“. The event’s being co-organized by the Knight Foundation, the Global Forum for Media Development and SGS, which is an organization I hadn’t encountered before. Since 1947, they’ve … Continue reading

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links for 2010-10-06

How News Happens | Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) PEJ analysis of journalism in Baltimore suggests that most stories have very little original reporting – 80% of stories were rehashes of existing reporting, often from the (rapidly shrinking) local … Continue reading

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