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links for 2010-12-28

Response summary – [ 4chan Users' Survey ] – Google Docs Fascinating spreadsheet showing an internal survey of 4chan users, including demographics, participation in raids, and far more info on masturbation and porn than any researcher needs to know (tags: … Continue reading

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links for 2010-12-24

Global Publics Embrace Social Networking | Pew Global Attitudes Project Pew study examines prevalence of social networking use around the world, versus internet penetration. Countries new to social networking seem to be aggressively embracing it, while some long-wired countries like … Continue reading

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links for 2010-12-23 Amazing collection of data on the content of US television nightly news, showing prominence of different types of news. Site features annual reviews of coverage, trends from 1980s to present. (tags: media attention uspolitics television coverage data) How Facebook … Continue reading

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Wikileaks, analysis and speculative fiction

It’s a few days before Christmas, ten days before the end of 2010, and there’s the wonderful sense of deceleration as I flip through my browser tabs. The blizzard of email has slowed to a few, scant flakes, the roaring … Continue reading

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Foot fetishes and internet norms

A couple of weeks ago, I did a quick interview with Jenna Wortham of the New York Times on the issue of digital identities. She was trying to figure out an experience she’d had where someone she’d met on an … Continue reading

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links for 2010-12-22

Culture That Unites Rather Than Divides A shared culture may be the key to unlocking tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, separated by a long and bloody war. Onnik Krikorian (UK/Armenia) and Aygün Janmammadova (Azerbaijan) look at the ways Armenians and Azeri … Continue reading

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New Berkman Paper on DDoS – silencing speech is easy, protecting it is hard

Colleagues at the Berkman Center and I are releasing a report today titled “Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Against Independent Media and Human Rights Sites“. Hal Roberts, John Palfrey and I have been working on the paper and the research … Continue reading

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Dave Winer’s

My friend Dave Winer is working through a set of principles about online free speech at They seem to me to be a very reasonable attempt to find common ground that people who care about free speech can agree … Continue reading

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links for 2010-12-17

Jillian C. York Facebook Use: Access, Filtering, and Languages Jillian observes that the gaps in the Facebook visualization – Brazil, China, Syria – are as interesting as the places that are present (tags: facebook visualization maps socialmedia cosmopolitanism globalization) Visualizing … Continue reading

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Wayne Marshall on Nu Whirled Music… and my thoughts, too…

For Tuesday’s Berkman lunch, we’re blessed with a visit from DJ, blogger and ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshall, one of my favorite chroniclers of the future of digital culture. His talk is titled “The Unstable Platforms and Uneasy Peers of Brave New … Continue reading

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