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links for 2011-01-30

How Diverse is Facebook? | overstated Interesting paper on how Facebook estimates racial diversity of users by correlating surnames to US census data.  (tags: facebook race socialnetworking statistics data analysis diversity)

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Issue 1: Welcome to the City Beautiful webcomic about post WWII/pre-independence Kenya (tags: africa kenya comic graphicnovel webcomic history colonialism) Re: Connectivity status for Egypt Mailing list post from Arbor's Craig Labowitz, includes link to a graph of traffic shutdown … Continue reading

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Egypt: Too soon to analyze, so here’s my outbox

Protesters stop for prayer during January 28th demonstrations in Cairo (possibly 6th October Bridge.) Twitpic posted by @ollywainwright Like many people, I’ve spent the day glued to Al Jazeera English’s coverage of the protests that have taken place all across … Continue reading

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links for 2011-01-26

Largest Cities Through History The largest cities at moments in time, from Tertius Chandler's (somewhat controversial) compilation of the population of cities throughout history, Four Thousand Years of Urban Growth: An Historical Census. (tags: history cities population geography statistics urban)

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links for 2011-01-21

Food for Thinkers: The Rise of White People Food – Food – GOOD Critique of the NYTimes for overfocusing on a small subset of NYC restaurants, missing more authentic cuisine in outer boroughs. Interesting to think about in the context … Continue reading

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links for 2011-01-17

?! Mission-based game platform that encourages kids/teens to explore the real world and find answers to complex questions through experimentation. Team includes the SF0 guys… (tags: games education learning collaboration ARGs SF0 seriousgames serendipity) What Future Does Facebook Have? – … Continue reading

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Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection

I’m happy to announce that W. W. Norton & Company has agreed to publish my first book, Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection. Should all go well, I hope to turn in the manuscript late this year for … Continue reading

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A reflection on Tunisia

This week started for me with a huge event in my family’s life – after six years of study, my wife was ordained with a rabbi, and our family celebrated with her in Colorado. It ended joyfully as well, as … Continue reading

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Brock’s insights on the Tunisia media attention disparity

George Brock (Professor and Head of Journalism at City University London, long time writer and editor for the Times of London) has a thoughtful and helpful response to my previous post on the protests in Tunisia and my perception that … Continue reading

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What if Tunisia had a revolution, but nobody watched?

On December 17, a 26 year old Tunisian man named Mohamed Bouazizi reached the end of his rope. An unemployed university graduate, Bouazizi had become a seller of fruits and vegetables in the southern Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid. When … Continue reading

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