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Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection

I’m happy to announce that W. W. Norton & Company has agreed to publish my first book, Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection. Should all go well, I hope to turn in the manuscript late this year for publication some time in 2012. I’m very grateful to my agent, David Miller of The Garamond Agency, for his hard work in helping me bring this book to the world. And I’m greatly looking forward to working with Brendan Curry at Norton.

My book asks whether the internet is leading towards more contact across boundaries of language, nation and culture and, if not, how we could rewire the tools we’ve built to increase international connection. The ideas will be familiar to many of the readers of this blog – the book is a chance to explore ideas like cultural bridging, pervasive translation, structured serendipity and xenophilia at length. For those who haven’t read posts where I’ve talked about those ideas, my TED talk is a good introduction to the ideas I’ll be exploring.

I have high hopes of writing less online and more offline, but won’t stop work on this blog. I would expect to be posting more bookmarks and short pieces and fewer essays, but you never know. And I’m posting extensively on my twitter feed, and will try to update folks on the book’s progress there and here.

16 thoughts on “Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection”

  1. Have you ever thought of getting guest writers? You could assign a topic to a guest and discuss a draft or two before posting. I’m too busy in my own work to keep a blog going properly, but when I get the chance I like to guest post for Trevor Hoppe, another thinker in my field.

  2. I am absolutely delighted to hear this! It would be terrific to see a clear distillation and synthesis of our understanding of homophily, xenophily, and how they’re affected by the choices we make about our technical (and other) systems. I’m personally enthusiastic about many of the ways we’re currently restructuring our attention, but worried about some others. I hope you’ll post occasional updates.

  3. This is great! I am hopeful you have some great idea for African countries on the area of technology development and connectivity. Congratulation Ethan.

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