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Enjoy the silence

Apologies for the silence, everyone. I’m on a self-imposed writer’s retreat, and while I’m writing a lot, it’s not currently showing up on this blog. I’m trying to spend all of August focused on my book in the hopes of getting close to a first draft by September. The reason for the deadline is a happy one: as many of you know, I accepted an offer from MIT to head up the Center for Civic Media and teach at MIT’s Media Lab. Once I start that new existence, I suspect I’ll have a tougher time finding uninterrupted days to write. So I’m not writing for the blog (yes, I realize I’ve been bad of late), but expect to be blogging lots of stuff from the Center starting in the fall. And if all goes well, I hope you’ll have something long, edited and published from me late next year. In the meantime, you’ll see some bookmarks continue to accumulate here, and I’m still posting a few things a day to Twitter. So, enjoy the silence, and see you in September.