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DARPA director Regina Dugan at MIT: “Just Make It”

This afternoon, MIT’s Political Science distinguished speakers series hosts Regina Dugan and Kaigham Gabriel, director and deputy director of DARPA, the US defense advanced research project agency, who are here to speak about advanced manufacturing in America. The title for … Continue reading

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Ziriums and Zeb Ejiro – Can cultural creation hold Nigeria together?

I’m traveling too much this fall, not getting enough time with my family or my students, but there are occasional trips that would simply be a mistake to miss. For the past two years, I’ve traveled to Nigeria with my … Continue reading

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#Nollytech – Understanding New Media Nollywood

Award-winning Nigerian filmmaker Zik Zulu Okafor is one of the first speakers at today’s New Media Nollywood Conference at Georgia Tech. In conjunction with this academic gathering, Okafor is shooting a new Nollywood film at Georgia Tech this month, taking … Continue reading

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Mimi Ito on Otaku culture and cultural soft power

Ian Condry offers an extended introduction to Mimi Ito’s work… because her plane has been delayed and it’s likely to be another half hour before she joins us at the MIT Media Lab. Her topic is “Fandom unbound: Otaku culture … Continue reading

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An open letter to TED organizers on #TEDHighConcept

Dear Chris, June, Bruno – One of my students at the Center for Civic Media and I were discussing the need for more conference venues for young speakers to share their ideas and polish their presentation skills. While TEDx has … Continue reading

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Mapping Media Ecosystems at Center for Civic Media

This summer, Sasha, Lorrie and I started brainstorming the sorts of events we wanted to host at the Center for Civic Media this fall. The first I put on the calendar was a session on “mapping civic media”, a chance … Continue reading

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The rebuttal tweet

There’s a great blogpost from Nancy Scola about the rise of Twitter hashtags as form of political discourse, specifically focusing on the #WeCantWait tag, which both quotes President Obama about the need for rapid action on a jobs bill, and … Continue reading

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