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What to make of Ai Wei Wei’s “Gangnam Style”?

It’s a good time to be PSY. The Korean rapper has become an international celebrity with the unexpected success of Gangnam Style, the absurdly catchy song that’s introduced much of the world to K-Pop, while simultaneously critiquing and subverting the … Continue reading

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The ethics of attention: unpacking “Yellow Rain”

Radiolab, an amazing radio show and podcast created by public radio veteran Robert Krulwich and MacArthur-winning musician and producer Jad Abumrad, aired a controversial episode titled “The Fact of the Matter” on September 24, 2012. Generally, Radiolab examines scientific stories … Continue reading

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Danielle Allen on equality, education and the Declaration of Independence

As we enter the hall for Danielle Allen’s W. Allison Davis and John A. Davis lecture, the launch event for the dedication of the Davis Center, Williams College’s new multicultural center, ushers pass out copies of the text of the … Continue reading

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