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The Globalization of Sumo – My talk at MSR SCS 2013

Microsoft’s Social Computing Symposium is one of my favorite conferences of the year. It’s small, invitation only, curated by some of the smartest people in my field, and attracts a wonderful combination of smart folks I hadn’t previously known about … Continue reading

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The flywheel in the farmer’s field, or why innovating around infrastructure is so hard

So we’re in the Home Depot, which we’ve visited almost every day since Colin’s been staying with me. That’s because we’re building a cabin, and while we’ve got a good local hardware store, they don’t have lumber, and while there’s … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Aaron.

My son is failing to nap in the bedroom where Aaron Swartz spent a week as houseguest about four years back. I’m reading reactions to his suicide from friends who knew him well. I listen to Drew’s room – our … Continue reading

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