Howard French on the media’s coverage of Boko Haram massacres

Foreign correspondent, journalism professor and author Howard French recently weighed in on the debate about media coverage of Charlie Hebdo and the massacres in Baga with a memorable stream of tweets. French has a deep understanding of Africa in the news, as a former professor in Côte d’Ivoire and the author of two must-read books about Africa, A Continent for the Taking and China’s Second Continent, about Chinese expansion in Africa.

French was reacting in part to a New York Times Public Editor note from Margaret Sullivan on the New York Times’s coverage of the two stories. He
references a Glenda Gordon article that notes the real problem: it’s not that we failed to value the deaths of those killed by Boko Haram, but that we did not value their lives.

Here’s French’s “Twitter Essay”:

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1 Response to Howard French on the media’s coverage of Boko Haram massacres

  1. Adrian Martin says:

    “The Times’s West Africa correspondent”

    The same guy is supposed to cover the AQIM/Tuareg rebellion mess, the ebola outbreak, Boko Haram, Nigerian oil, the Nigerian presidential election, the recent Gambian coup attempt by Americans…

    Imagine if the Times had a single Western Europe correspondent.

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