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Exploring the Chinese internet with WeiboScope

Scholars of social media spend a lot of time studying Twitter. Twitter’s not the largest social network in the world – Facebook has at least twice as many users – but it’s massive and influential, particularly in the world of … Continue reading

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Public Spaces, Private Infrastructure – Open Video Conference

I’m speaking at the Open Video Conference in New York City today on a panel with noted Indian legal activist, Lawrence Liang. The panel is titled “Public Spaces, Private Infrastructure”, and we’re going to talk about the challenges that come … Continue reading

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links for 2009-06-23

Why We Protest – IRAN The fine folks at anonymous – the people who brought you those scientology protests – offer online bulletin boards and messaging services for Iranian activists. Points for solidarity, but unclear if these will remain accessible … Continue reading

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China, porn and unintended consequences

Folks who study internet filtering found their phones ringing yesterday as reporters sought comment on the news that Chinese internet authorities were warning a number of major websites to clean up “large amounts of low and vulgar content that violates … Continue reading

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Censoring a little is hard. Censoring a lot is easy.

Update: IWF has stopped blocking Wikipedia. Their reasoning here. An interesting sentence from their release: “We regret the unintended consequences for Wikipedia and its users.” Tech blogs in the UK and US are reporting that users of six British ISPs … Continue reading

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links for 2008-04-18

China’s loyal youth – International Herald Tribune Chinese youth are optimistic, but rarely politically involved – “Westerners are not going to find allies among the vast majority of young Chinese on key issues like Tibet, Darfur and the environment for … Continue reading

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Give the people what they want (?)

Since I don’t make any money from my blog, I generally don’t pay attention to my traffic statistics. Things would be a little different if I were attempting to make a living – or even beer money – from my … Continue reading

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After loading ninety pages of I Can Has Cheezburger, you may find yourself out of lolcats. Not to worry. Ian McKeller is here to help you. The LOL feeds page will take an arbitrary RSS feed and apply the headlines … Continue reading

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2007 – best of a tough year

It’s a quiet day here in Lanesboro, as we prepare for our annual New Year’s party, where friends from all over the world come visit us for a few days, and we recharge our batteries and renew our ties to … Continue reading

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Generative filtering

Rebecca’s got an excellent post up today explaining a critical distinction in Internet censorship in China – the difference between internal and external censorship. In external censorship, the “great firewall” (neither a firewall nor, actually, all that great) blocks access … Continue reading

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