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Democrats, Republicans and Appropriators

I had the good fortune to catch a small part of a conference at Harvard yesterday on text analysis. Good fortune, because I was there long enough to hear Justin Grimmer‘s talk on his dissertation, Measuring Reputation Outside Congress. Grimmer … Continue reading

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ROFLCon: From Weird to Wide

An audio version of danah and my keynote is now available for download online. I recommend a background of lolcats – preferably multilingual ones – as you listen. I gave a dozen public talks last month, and it’s possible that … Continue reading

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Eric Rescorla – How paranoid should we be?

Eric Rescorla is a man who speaks frankly about internet security. You might have guessed that from the name of his consultancy – RTFM – an acronym politely translated as “read the friendly manual”… except that it’s usually not politely … Continue reading

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Towards Texas Transparency

I’m at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin today. There’s a conference on financial transparency in Texas, featuring some excellent student work on making Texas’s finances on the local and state level more … Continue reading

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Is Vietnam conducting surveillance via malware?

I’ve been following reporting on the discovery of a new botnet in Vietnam with interest. McAfee and Google both posted information on the botnet on Tuesday the 30th, and the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times all … Continue reading

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Makmende’s so huge, he can’t fit in Wikipedia

“After platinum, albums go Makmende” “They once made a makmende toilet paper, but there was a problem: It wouldn’t take shit from anybody!!!” “Makmende hangs his clothes on a safaricom line and when they dry he stores them in a … Continue reading

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ChatRoulette survey (long bookmark)

ChatRoulette: An Initial Survey The fine folks at the Web Ecology Project pride themselves on researching web trends that are just starting to catch the attention of the media and other researchers. As such, we can count on them not … Continue reading

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Internet Freedom: Beyond Circumvention

Secretary Clinton’s recent speech on Internet Freedom has signaled a strong interest from the US State Department in promoting the use of the internet to promote political reforms in closed societies. It makes sense that the State Department would look … Continue reading

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Four possible explanations for Google’s big China move

Yesterday, Google announced a major change in their policy in engaging with China – they will no longer censor search results on to comply with Chinese policy. This almost certainly means that will be blocked by the Great … Continue reading

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Bye, bye Beacon… and other bad ad ideas

There are ideas that, when you first encounter them, you say, “That can’t possibly be a good idea.” That’s how I and colleagues at the Berkman Center felt when we saw a preview of Facebook’s Beacon “feature” in November of … Continue reading

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