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PICNIC08 – Surprising Africa

Some impressions of the daylong Surprising Africa event at PICNIC08: – Binyavanga Wainaina, an extraordinary Kenyan writer, talked about the problem of naming, figuring out what language we can use to describe the Africa we encounter today. He’s recently travelled … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Francis Kéré

I sat next to Francis Kéré for two hours at the PICNIC Surprising Africa conference before I learned that I was sitting next to one of my heroes. He’s one of the winners of the Aga Khan award for architecture … Continue reading

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More talking, less writing at PICNIC08

I’d forgotten the difficulty of speaking at and covering a conference at the same time. It’s too easy to assume that speaking just means getting on stage, giving your presentation and then returning to civilian life. The fine folks at … Continue reading

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My afternoon at PICNIC08

Talk one of four at PICNIC was a small seminar for the European Journalism Center. Their part of the PICNIC experience was hosted in a geodesic dome tent within the “club” – the noisy public space where attendees are eating, … Continue reading

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Picnic08: Connected rabbits, running shoes and cable providers…

Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital converses with – grill, perhaps – Mike Fries of Liberty Global, the world’s second largest cable operator. The focus is on the future of television, and Fries feels very, very … Continue reading

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Picnic08 – Genevieve Bell on secrets and lies.

Genevieve Bell is probably lying to us. That’s okay. We lie all the time. And, as Genevieve says, she’s trying to provoke us. Lies are everywhere, in everything, and they’re incredibly complicated. Lies are central to movies and advertising, and … Continue reading

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Itay Talgam conducts PICNIC08

If you were a conductor of an orchestra, what sort of conductor would you be? That’s the central question of Itay Talgam’s talk, closing the first day of the PICNIC conference. Talgam is the music director of the Tel Aviv … Continue reading

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Picnic08 – The future of social networks

Linda Stone, the queen of all social networks, wants to challenge the idea of “friending”. This, she argues, is the most absurd behavior we engage in online. Confronting her panelists – Jyri Engeström, Matt Jones, Addy Feuerstein and Philip Rosedale … Continue reading

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Picnic 08: Aaron Koblin visualizes the world

Aaron Koblin is a data visualization geek. He believes that “data systems tell stories about our lives”, and he’s in the business of building beautiful, poetic images that tell those stories. Some of his earliest works looked at mapping georgraphy … Continue reading

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Picnic ’08 – Charles Leadbeater, Creativity and Collaboration

Charles Leadbeater leads off the PICNIC ’08 conference in Amsterdam with a talk on mass creativity and mass collaboration. Leadbeater’s book, “We Think”, looks at the revolution around participatory culture. He offers a metaphor – media as we know it … Continue reading

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