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Sumo practice at Oguruma Beya

I like sumo. A lot. I follow the tournaments online, watching matches on YouTube a few hours after they’ve aired, then reading commentary on fan sites in English and Spanish. I have, one or twice, participated in virtual sumo leagues, … Continue reading

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Laamb and sumo – what would happen if Senegalese wrestlers came to Japan?

The New York Times had a great article yesterday on laamb, a style of wrestling popular in Senegal. Laamb, sometimes called “Lutte Senegalese” is enjoying a resurgence in Senegal, and is now more popular in that country than more global … Continue reading

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Asashoryu resigns. Will sumo ever globalize?

Here’s a story I missed while I was out with eye surgery: Asashoryu, one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in history, has retired. And needless to say, for anyone who follows sumo: it’s not quite that simple as that. Indeed, … Continue reading

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The Natsu Basho – the good, the bad and the cosmopolitan

It’s the third sumo tournament of the year, the Natsu Basho, held at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, and 13 days into the contest, the good and bad of contemporary sumo are on display. The good: both Yokozuna – Asashoryu and … Continue reading

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On starting well

When taking on an important, highly visible, challenging new job, it’s a good idea to perform well on your first couple of days. You know, something impressive like radically overhauling regulations regarding lobbyists, or ordering the shutdown of a prison … Continue reading

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Harumafuji: still Mongolian, still badass.

My man Ama went 12-3 in the Kyushu basho, nearly winning the Emperor’s Cup, losing to Hakuho in a hard-fought playoff on the final day of the tournament. I just got the chance to see the playoff via bittorrent, and … Continue reading

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Ozeki Ama. I like the sound of that.

Ama, my beloved favorite rikishi (sumo wrestler) is tied for the lead in the Kyushu Basho, after defeating Yokozuna Hakuho in a widely anticipated upset match. Tied at 10-2, this pair of Mongolian tacticians are the bright light of an … Continue reading

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Sumo and the cycle of nature

The leaves turn from green to gold, the days grow shorter, the nights grow colder. The seasons turn slowly from one to another. Large men with few clothes on shove each other out of a ring. The eternal cycle of … Continue reading

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Sumo leads me to the dark side

In 2000, I spent a lot of time downloading music from Napster. I was working on Geekcorps and we had an office at MassMoCA, which had excellent connectivity. Working very long hours to get a new non-profit off the ground, … Continue reading

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Another reason 150kg men shouldn’t play football…

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re Asashoryu, the sole yokozuna in sumo for three and a half years, a near-unbeatable champion of a sport that demands not just physical prowess, but ritual stoicism and dignity. You report an injury … Continue reading

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