May 3, 2006

Day 67: Actions taken for Hao

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On April 29th Hao’s sister Nina posted the following in English on her blog:

Who/where we, Hao’s family members and friends, have contacted in the last couple of months:

1. China

1) Family’s efforts

Letters addressed to Leadership in China

* Chief of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Ma Zhen Chuan by me

* Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee of Politics and Law, Qiang Wei, by me

* President Hu Jin Tao separately by our father and me

* Premier Wen Jia Bao by our father

* Secretary of National Public Security, Zhou Yong Kang, by our father

China government departments we have contacted

* 3 inquiries to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang District Branch Foreign Police Station;

* 1 visit to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang District Branch;

* 3 visits to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (including once being barred outside the entrance of the PSB work building)

* 2 visits to Ministry of Public Security (one terminating outside the gates of the MPS on Changan Street, one terminating at Dongtanzi Hutong)

* 1 complaint reception at Beijing Municipal Government;

* 1 letter to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Disciplinary Inspection Commitee

* 1 visit to Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate;

2) Lawyers’ efforts

* Have written to Supervisory Office of Beijing Public Security Bureau, requesting that the relevant departments be charged with rapidly correcting their inappropriate behavior, safeguarding the lawyer’s execution of professional duties according to law, and safeguarding the procedural rights of the accused.

* Have reported to Beijing People’s Procuratorate regarding the illegal process by which the Beijing Public Security Bureau National Security Team handled Hao’s case;

* Have gone to Beijing Public Security Bureau Petition Office to exchange opinions with the police, and clarified the “ misunderstandings “ ;

* Have helped Hao’s family to submit an application to procure lawyers to the public security bureau.

2. United Nation

* Petitions Team, Office of the United Nations, High Commissioner for Human Rights have been asked to inquire into my brother’s case.

* “Form to Submit a Communication on a Victim of an Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance” has been submitted to Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances.

* Ulrich Garms from UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Special Procedures Branch has sent an email to Hao’s family,and the questionnaire has been submitted to United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention;

3. US

* A letter addressed to President Bush appeals to his talking to President Hu for the reason that Hao is being detained and when China’s government intends to release or prosecute him;

* Haozi’s friends in the United States have spontaneously written letters to American congressmen, demanding that they pay attention the matter of Haozi’s unreasonable arrest.

Hao’s other friends are working on other methods I may have not know in details…….

…….. There are more and more……

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