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I lied. LpkC lives.

Siim Teller appears to have picked up the LpkC idea (on his beautifully designed blog) and has run his own set of numbers, which appear to compare the circulation of Estonian newspapers and incoming Google links. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Estonian and can’t really tell you what he concludes, but perhaps someone who does speak the language can fill me in. It looks like the Postimees is the most popular Estonian newspaper, according to Google, but is slightly less popular than Siim’s own site!

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  1. Indeed Ethan :) We have official circulation numbers from our newspapers and magasine’s association and I handchecked all of them with Technorati. I’m not very sure how well Estonian blogs are represented there as overall numbers tended to be smaller than I expected. I think that I’ve given Postimees at least 20 links in the past… Numbers are too small to make any conclusive statements but some trends you notice seem to hold true. Our biggest finance paper receives very little links as it’s walled and required paid access. Our second biggest daily (something like The Sun in UK) gives free access to their articles only after 5pm and they rank low as well.

    To make things more interesting I also added number of links that Google gives (search “link:domain”) but this should be taken with a grain of salt as at least 3 (perhaps even 4) papers belong to the same company and are heavily cross-linking each other.

    I picked couple of websites (blogs, mind you) to get some comparison, yes, one of them is my own. And yes, as a surprise I saw it being most “influential” according to Technorati. That of course is hard to believe :)

  2. I just discovered that you’d posted about this on the other blog – sorry I missed those comments. (One of the problems I’ve been having with that site is that not all comments get mailed to me.)

    The google link:domain is an interesting other metric to add, but I’m very suspicious of it. My experience with Google numbers is that, as I dig into them, there’s a great deal of duplication and similarity. The next set of numbers I’m likely to add are numbers from Blogpulse, which uses slightly different techniques to count weblinks, but is highly believable and would be a good checksum for the Technorati figures.

    Thanks so much for picking up this idea and running with it. Very interesting to see the patters play out in Estonia.

  3. Ethan – check out the conversation around LpkC: here
    From our point of view – this is a great example of a meme in blogspace. One of the posts in the conversation refers to a post that then refers to you. At that point, the reference is to a ‘somebody’ who has put together this cool metric.

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