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Far too many Flickr photos

One of the great pleasures of travel, for me, is photography. My father is an avid photographer, and my memories of travelling around the US, as a kid, is of my father falling behind the rest of the family as he looked for another angle on that barn, tree or wildflower.

Now I’m the guy who holds up the group. As a result, I try to allow for time to wander a city by myself on every trip I take, so that I don’t annoy colleagues by spending an hour wandering down alleys in Ulaanbaatar, looking for great graffiti.

Thanks to someone I met in the #joiito conversation on IRC (I regret that I’ve forgotten who it was), I’ve learned about the plug-in for iPhoto that enables mass uploads on Flickr. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s enabled me to upload about a thousand of the photos I’ve taken in the past year – there are now sixteen albums posted on my site, and I hope to get a few more up this evening.

I’m also running photos from the flickr account on this site, both in a sidebar on the right side of the page and in the header. The photo headers are inspired, in part, by Dave Winer’s headers on Scripting News (Happy birthday, Dave.) I’m planning on rotating them every couple of months – if you click on them, they lead to a page about the photo I’ve taken…

But the clouds have cleared here in Western Mass., and I’m off to look for collapsing barns, my favorite photographic subject. (Dad’s favorite subject seems to be well-maintained barns. I wonder what this says about father-son relationships?)

4 thoughts on “Far too many Flickr photos”

  1. I tend to be the one who holds up the group, like you, coming back with dozens of rolls of (antediluvian, analog) film from big trips. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  2. Bubu – thanks for the link to the Hole in the Wall project. Oddly enough, the project came up over dinner with friends, roughly two hours after you posted about it…!

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